a friend of mine

today, i got an email from my sweden’s collegues with  a very rude words, as if he was pointing a finger to me and says that i was a very bad person in work, it was not a big surprise for me actually, since he is lil’bit rude for indonesian people, but he is crossing the limit today, furthermore when he put my bosses name in the loop

as usual, i was not the one who did the mistake, i just reply to the mail in the much better tempered, and address the issue to the right person, who has to be responsible of the circumstances

and i do chat with his partner, my other collegues, she feels the same way, that he is the way he is, here is the copy of our chat, using sametime, ericsson tool for chatting and conference :

i think he is angry with me 
the way he wrote the mail, very rude 
my job is only placing the order, all the requirement, comes from account team 
Shi Tianxue
Hi Suroi 
he was not in good mood this morning, I guess 
when I asked him some question, he was not very happy as usual…. 
but you know we are human beings, sometimes, we have depressed time. 
yes i know  
normally, he keeps blaming without asking who is the person responsible  
Shi Tianxue
when i asked about the mail you sent us regarding TOP, he didn’t answer me neither, so I have no idea what is going on now 
he is stubborn, but he is a very responsible person and work very hard, as you said to me before…do you remember that? 
that’s the good things of him 
and he is very stubborn  
Shi Tianxue
we can’t change others, we only can change ourselves…so maybe we just need to learn to get along with different people, learn to tolerate people, considerate others….that is my opinion…. 
that’s a very good words to hear in this time, Shi, she always there for me when i need to hear the good words, she is a good friend to share with and always give me motivation when i go down…
to be honest, it feels like i found my self in her, we have the same thing in common in many ways, the way we feel, we think, we discuss about something…and the most importand is, she understand me well, she knows how to make me feels better without “menggurui” –> ga tau bahasa inggrisnya 😀
it’s very nice to know her, and to get along with her
i love you shi ^.^

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  1. Salam kenal juga! thanks kunjungannya.


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